Bot getting stuck in one page and then no exception as well

Hi All

After the bot logs in at the home page it doesn’t click on the specific button and gets stuck there. Then in that case it should throw exception but exception is also not thrown.

How to handle such scenarios?

hi, Can u try using message boxes before and after clicking the button? Also, what is the error message being shown? Is it a timeout?

Can we know what is the activity which is executing for such long time?

Click activity. Its a tab.

There is no error. Just stuck.

I think the click activity could not find the element to click.Can you upload the xaml we can check it.

Mostly this happens when first time we login to the vm and run the bot. After that it runs smooth.

DId you WaitForReady property to Complete, Can also try setting some few seconds for page to load before first time clicking

How said also previously, seems that the Click activity was not executed. Before trying to click on the button/tab - it is recommended first to make sure the button/tab exists. You could use FindElement or Element Exist, before clicking.