Bot getting stuck at 'Invoke workflow file' activity for several minutes and resumes

Hi Everyone,

While automating a process the bot kept stuck at an ‘Invoke Workflow File’ activity for 2 to 3 minutes and resumes execution. I couldn’t find a solution for this except reducing file size. Even though it still effects the performance of automation.
The size of file to be invoked is under 200kb and still takes 2 to 3 minutes. Please share your thoughts.

Hello @Melbin_Linson ,

Is this reduced performance appearing when you are running the bot from:

  1. UiPath assistant?
  2. Manualy from UiPath Studio?
  3. Unattended ?

Are you using some Git/TFS?

From my tests, I have xaml files bigger than 500 kb, and I do not see a performance issue.


Hi @wasea ,

I tried all of the 3 methods and delay remains same.
The process were located in TFS, but I tried running it from local storage and there is no difference.