Bot executing true statement only

I have been working on a bot that registers a user to an account. If the user is already registered, a pop up message appears saying the client is already registered. In case that message appears, bot should cancel the rest of registration procedure and go with next client. I used a flowchart for this activity and used a flow decision for making a decision in case a message pops up. But the problem is, bot is only looking for a true condition and not executing a false condition though it is a new client and the message does not pop up.
I need some suggestion in here please. Thank you.

Hi @suwalruchan365,

Can you share your workflow?

Hi @SaranyaKishore,
I could not upload the real one from the project but it is pretty the same to the one attached below:

testing.xaml (12.3 KB)

The bot is only executing true condition. And not going with false condition though the message does not pop up.

Hi @suwalruchan365

The problem seems to be your selector, your selector does not have enough properties so it may get matched with any other element on your screen.

 <html app='firefox.exe' title='Australian Taxation Office Tax Agent Portal - Home' />
 <webctrl idx='175' />

You have just provided index attribute. You can pass this selector in highlight activity to highlight the matched element.
If it gets matched to any other element then you need to modify your selector to get it matched exactly with the pop up.

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Hi @Bharat,
Thanks for the suggestion. It was actually a problem due to selector as you mentioned. Thank you…