Bot download URL(Unique for each every project)

Once we create the bot using UiPath studio, if one download URL is available like poject.json file it would be very useful to download the entire project(bot) as Zip file from different system whenever and wherever we required, instead of copy and move manually.

Some times when we try to compress and move to another system some components are missing

The link should be routed to continuous of for example

Below advantage is the advantage of this idea.

  1. Can easily move the actual bot from one system to another system with missing any artifact captured screenshots
  2. Can use the bot as reusable component.
  3. Can save time
  4. Can increase number of visitors to uipath site (
  5. Simply we can pass the url to others to reuse it.

Hi @Jahangir

Could you maybe explain your scenario a bit?

I believe Orchestrator does exactly what you are asking for :slight_smile: