Bot doesn't start after rebooting a Virtual Machine

I created a code (in cmd just shutdown -g) to schedule a bot and reboot everyday. That code is fine.

But after rebooting all other scheduled processes don’t run. They just keep on Pending status. Only if I manually log in to that virtual machine, every starts working.

What can I do in order to the bots always get the connection after rebooting a Virtual Machine?

PS. The bots don’t log off from orchestrator, literally I just open the VM and that’s it.

On that VM, did you install UiPath in service mode?

I don’t know.
I just recieve it and it was already installed.
How can I verify it and how can I change it?

I think you can re-run the installation and it’ll pick up how it’s currently installed. Or look in Windows Services and see if there is a service there that isn’t running under the user you’re logged in as.