Bot Does not recognize IE file download message


Can someone help me with this window message? I’ve tried a lot of method so the bot can recognize the window but having no success.

See Ui element below. I highlighted some part due to confidentiality.

Did the activity like click mentioned inside attach window activity
Cheers @caduque

Hi @Palaniyappan,

Tried that but not working. Here’s a snippet of my workflow.


Funny thing is when I manually click the drop donw, the bot performs the next click activity.

Kindly enable the simulate click property and try once
Cheers @caduque

Also tried that one. I also changed the selector as well. Do you want to see the selector?

Yah sure

hi @caduque

try the below snippet

attach browser should for the main page not to the download window.



Here’s the selector for the whole window message.


Attach that browser using attach window activity, then send hotkey Alt+N , this will send the cursor to the Open button, if you want to save then send another HotKey as Alt+S. It will work.

It worked! I just added another attach browser inside my main attach browser. Thanks!

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I just have another question though. Why does it sometimes work and sometimes does not?


this snippet it perfectly working for me without fail.

sometime due to background process the save as button will not be ready to popup the options to save the file, i also faced this issue before but now it is working without fail.

Maybe I should add some delay then. Thanks again

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