BOt design for multi site/country deployment


I wanted to hear from everyone about their experience on building multi-site/country bot(s). Imagine if you are automating invoice processing process for a very large organisation and similar process is executed in different countries with some variations and different ERP instances , how would you design the bot? E,.g does it make sense to have one global bot with variations built in to handle process variations and target systems or is it more cleaners to have multiple smaller bots each for a country or region? What kind of factors would you consider in design . If anyone has experience on this kind of scalable deployment do share you thoughts!


This is probably going to depend on how much the process varies from region to region. If the overall process will be the same and only minor tweaks will be needed for each country/region then a single universal bot that is smart enough to handle all of the cases will be enough. If the process differs greatly then it would make more sense to build bots on a country or regional basis and tune them to work the items in that area.

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What if you are to automate a process that is fundamentally same across the sites however the instances of ERPs that are to be used are physically different. In that case will have a one universal bot executing the process with some process level variation in how bot might connect to target ERP system based on some metadata?

You can separate the bot into multiple workflows. Use one workflow to do the parts that are similar and then create separate custom workflows for the various ERP integrations that you need.