Bot credentials to access an application

Does bot need a separate login credentials to access an application or can it share a humans credentials? Appreciate any help. Thanks

Hi Sandesh,

This all depends on the application in question.

A bit can share a user’s credentials, but of course some apps only let a user account log into one place at once so it’s all down to the apps restrictions.


As a good practice it is always recommended that a bot have an ID of it’s own. Some clients and entities like to treat the bot as an employee with the same privileges as FTE’s. Some even call this as “Bot On-Boarding”. Sharing a human ID can be a bit complicated considering that humans can always leave the company or change their department at any given time.

Having a separate ID also guarantees that the client has full control of what kind of data the bot has access to and this adds to the security aspect as well.

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