Bot breaks at every retry scope, but no breakpoints

Hi all!
I am currently working on a bot, which has to fill in information within different fields.
The bot, has every “type into” and “click” activity within their own retry scope.
When the bot reaches the retry scope, the flow breaks. After pressing continue, the bot continues without a problem. (This means pressing continue 5 times per batch going through)
Do any of you know, why the bot breaks? And how to solve it?
It would really be a big help, as there’s no advantage of using a robot, when having to click “continue” all the time.

Thank you for the help, in advance!
Have a nice day!

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Try giving retry for the whole process rather than each activity ( each type into , each click)

could you share the xaml or project or a scrrenshot


Are you executing the code or else debugging the code?


Hi @freja.christensen


Use verification for click and type into activities instead of retry activity for each activity.

This still require a press on the continue button, unfortunately :frowning:

Will this resolve in the activity to keep trying to find and fill the field until found?

I am 80% sure, that we ran the program from the designer panel (not debugging). But would a “retry scope” resolve in a break in debugging mode?


Yes, it tries to click or type into the element until the timeout of an activity. You can change the properties of verification to extend the time or until the text visible etc.

This is highly irregular. Why are you doing this?

I know. I have not build the robot, I am just trying to fix it :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will try it out an dlet you know, how it goes! :smiley: