Bot become not responding

My bot become not responding when it reaches a particular position.
I am using an if activity, it executes else part even it’s condition is true. If verified the condition by putting a message box.
After executing else part, bot becomes not responding.

Hey @shankm

Can you share your xaml? I’m sure Community members will take a look.



Information provided is not sufficient to troubleshooting , could you please provide more details? Is it going into infinite loop due to which bot is not responding?

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Yea, it’s because of an infinite loop inside invoke code activity. Thanks.


I have the same issue “Bot become not responding”. In my case, there are two datatables(for e.g. DT1 & DT2). In DT1, there are almost 56000 rows and in DT2 110000 rows. I have joined these two datatables (DT1 & DT2) using “Join Data Tables” activity to produce records which are common in both the datatables (DT1 & DT2) but just after the execution of workflow robot “become not responding”.

Please provide me the root cause of this issue and the solution to resolve this issue.


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