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Is there a way to allocate BOT based on queue reference number or any other queue fields.

Allocate dynamically allocate BOT based on Orchestrator algorithm. Is there any way to define allocation based on user need?

The reason for this question is, we have two processes, first process is called maker process and second process is called validate and authorise process. Both process should need dedicated BOT. Same BOT should not perform both processes. Right now there are no issues, but in order to utilize the BOT more, I would like to deal at transaction level. It means, rather 2 sets of BOTs, single set of BOT but same BOT should not perform as “maker” as well “validate and authorize”.


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You can create two folders in Orchestrator and assign the processes separately per folder and do the same with robots.

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I would have not made my question clearer. The transaction flows from 1st process to 2nd process. 2nd process does the authorisation of a queue item that was completed by 1st process. Web Application on which this automation runs does not allow same BOT to perform both process. As I mentioned before, I have allocated 2 sets of BOT, one dedicatedly perform process 1 and another set does the 2nd process. Though there are no issues right now, I would like to go one step up and perform the same with single set of BOTs for better utilisation. For example, P1 creates Queue-Item1 by Bot-A. When it comes to P2, I would want other BOT to pick that up (other than A). If there is a way to allocate BOT by user-defined method, it will help me to maintain single set of BOT (for example, we maintain BOT name in queue fields which completed the particular queue item in process 1).

Based on your reply, I have another question. Hope you do not mind. How do we use same BOT across folders/OU? Say, I have 4 BOTs and run time 4. I could put 2 BOTs in folder1 and 2 BOTs in folder2 (illustration purpose). Unless I remove a BOT from one folder and add into another folder, I could not make use of the same BOT. Is there a way to use same BOT across folders/OU. If yes, that is going to be great savings for me.


There is no built-in way to specify a custom work allocation algorithm. However, you can achieve this by implementing your own robot responsible to dispatch work to the other robots. Think about it as a your “supervisor robot” which picks the work and decides based on your custom logic to dispatch it to other robots.

As regarding using robots across folders, that is possible in modern folders. In Modern folders the same machine template (and its runtimes) and unattended users can be allocated to multiple folders. All those folders will share the execution capacity defined in the common machine template. Please see the modern folders documentation in the online help.

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