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Hello I need help
the robot is creating a file with the date of the day, and I want to delete when the previous day is executed, as it could do,
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@Manoli_Puente Can you Explain the Process what you are doing? :sweat_smile:

We excel with the date of the day on each sheet, I need to delete the sheet of the previous day, to keep the current day, the name of the sheet is the date of the day, but it is opening each day one, I just want the current day, how could I erase the one from the previous day?

@Manoli_Puente There is Delete Sheet Activity which you can use to delete the Sheet by passing the Excel File Path and the Sheet name.

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How can I describe the name of the sheet, if it is the date of the previous day? so I can always take it whatever the date

@Manoli_Puente Can you put the Previous Day Sheet Name here ? I want to know in which format the Sheet Name appears.

previous day 26-03-2020

@Manoli_Puente If Just “26-03-2020” is the Sheet Name, then You can use this Expression as the Sheetname in the Delete Sheet Activity :

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It worked. Many thanks

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I cant see that activity :frowning: