Border activity

Is there any activity is there to use all border in UiPath for excel automation


There is no activity as such…you can write vba


Hi @udhayakumar.A

  1. You need to install the package from the Marketplace (It will works in Legacy compatibility)

You can use the Add Cell Borders in Excel activity from UiPath Marketplace. This activity executes an embedded VBA script to add borders in specified cells in Excel. If the cell addresses are dynamic/unknown, then leave starting and ending cell entry blank and the activity will add borders to all updated cells in conjunction with cell A1.

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  1. You can use the Select Range activity or using Ctrl+A hotkey to select the range of cells and then add all border by sending the hotkey Alt+Shift+b+h+a inside an Excel application scope.

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  1. You can try with VBA script. You need to specify the range or the cell where you wish to apply the border using the range object. After that, type a dot (.) and then select the Borders property from the list of properties and methods. Next, specify the border index from the constants available and then specify the line style using the LineStyle
Range("A1:C3").Borders(xlEdgeBottom).LineStyle = xlContinuous

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