Boolean in case of error

Hi all,
I’ve a question… I’m using reframework with out orchestrator queues, in process i have 4 invoke to process some rows inside 4 tabs (1 invoke each tabs) and i iterate some instances in gettransaction, so instance 1 go to process and process 4 invoke (tabs)
My question is: i put retry for 3 times via config, so in case of error close all apps and reinitialize all. In two of my tabs i need to check When at least one row is processed, in case there is AN error inside one of other tabs, don’t process this tab. I try to put AN argument to true When at least one row is processed, but in case of error this boolean argument becomes false and When retry re-enter in this tab. I put AN if before the invoke, if boolean is false process, also not. How can i fix it? Thx


I am not sure am I getting this right…

What row is in question, transaction item?
If you are doing it with transaction item, that row should be processed 3 times and then moved to another one.

Can you use try catch?
Are your invokes in Process.xaml?


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Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic

My transaction item is the instance where it must connect, instance 1, then 2 ecc.

When i’m logged in my instance 1, for example, go to the PROCESS STATE and inside my PROCESS.XAML i have 6 invoke (that correspond to 6 tab), inside each tab (so inside each invoke) i process my rows.

So, in case of error, don’t increase the transaction number and repeat the same operations for the same instance. What i’d like to do is: when at least one row is processed inside my tab1 and tab2, put a flag and in case of error in any tabs skip this tabs. During my tests, when a row is processed in tab 1 for example, i set a boolean argument to TRUE. In case the second row goes in error, he retry the same instance, but the flag return FALSE, doesn’t save the state.

I put my tab1 and tab 2 invoke .xaml files inside an if. IF boolean flag is FALSE, THEN invoke files, ELSE go through.

Thanks in advance


i think I get it.

So Boolean is in arguments, and if its true not to process it ever again, even with new transaction item?
if this is the case, your argument needs to go out to main.xaml and then back in process.xaml

Cause if its in process.xaml, on next transaction item it will go back to default.



if its true don’t process the tab (invoke) for the current transaction item, re-initialize to FALSE when transaction number is incremented (so different transaction item)

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