Blurry images in Citrix

I have to automate a Citrix application which requires to use images…

When I program the automation in Studio then automation works. When the job is move to production it fails and I get errors saying that the particular images can not be found.

I’ve added a print screen during the process to capture the image when the process fails. What I have observed is that the images are somehow blurry as per the example below.


I guess this is due to Citrix as with other application I’ve never had this issue.

I tried the accuracy setting in the images, but I didn’t manage to make it work.

What is the best to handle this time of situations? Any ideas?

what OCR engine are you using?

I’ve been using click image.

I did try OCR, but in this Citrix environment it doesn’t seem to capture text very well. The OCR engine is Google OCR

Hi @selrac,

Do you want to click and open chrome application as you have shown the above image.

Can you provide some more information what you are trying to achieve.

The google icon was an example

Here are other image examples I need to click and appear blurry:



In the last image the OCR was not capturing the text at all. Mostly all odd characters and changed every time you tried

Basically I need to click images in a Citrix environment. I’m faced that on a test environment it works, but on a working environment (working unattended) the process fails. It appears that the images are blurry in the working environment.

OCR does not seem to work. Characters are not captured properly even in the test environment.

Hi @selrac,

Can’t you use anchor base where you find a relative image and then corresponding to that perform click image operation.

Or can you use send hot keys.

An image like an anchor? The images are not recognized

Hi @selrac,

This time don’t use a click image activity and use click image from recording because click image from recording gives the clipping region of the image where it has to click, because if the image is not proper this time it has the clipping region of the image where to click

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@anil5, I’ll give it a try, but should the accuracy make any difference? Should I leave it a 80%?

Hi @selrac,

As you will get the screen coordinates where you want to perform click operation, accuracy is not considered and can be ignored.

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