Blur/Whiteout/Delete text from PDF

Hi All,

I have a sensitive document, in which I need to blur/delete/whiteout few fields/text in PDF.
Anyhow it is possible?

I can think of a method, but its kind of complicated. Is the text always at the same position?

If yes you can try to get : Image manipulation activitites from “Manage Packages”
PDF Activities > convert to image > manipulate with image activitites > convert back to PDF.

Yes, text is in same positions and the PDF has multiple pages with text to be blurred/whiteout on different pages.

You could try to convert the pages to PNG and load in a predefined mask into the alphachannel or get the mask into the PDF? Find custom Image or PDF Activities that can help you would be my suggestion.

Or automate a image application (Gimp / Photoshop)