BluePrism partnership with TrustPilot

How will TrustPortal’s partnership with BluePrism enhance its RPA offering? How is UiPath addressing the same?

About the first question, can’t say we have that much information. TrustPortal’s website doesn’t offer that much detail. As far as I can tell they transfer data from humans to robots and vice versa, but I guess there must be a bit more to it.
Their partnership seems to try to cover BP’s lack of attended/front-office automation.

In that area we were already ahead, and we have in the pipeline a few features that enhance this human-robot communication, besides existing input methods and 3rd party integrations (Enate, MuleSoft, etc).

But if you have any more information about useful features they bring, do tell.

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TrustPortal offers BP a way to provide attended capability. This feature has been in our robots for many years. UiPath also offers many ways for human interaction, from Attended Robots to chatbot integration to BPM integrations.

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