Block userinput while robot is running form orchestrator

Hi all,

Is there is any option available to block userinput, while robot is triggered from orchestrator.

Thanks in advance.

There is no easy way to do this. If you block user input on the machine where the bot is working, you also risk blocking the bot from using the machine, since some activities access the same drivers that humans do. If the bot must run on a machine where a user should not interfere, the process should have its own machine on which to work.


Can you please elaborate Why do we need to block the user input ?

In Dev environment : Bot will be running in your local machine , that moment you can refrain yourself / fellow being to stop using the machine.

In uat/ Prod : The machines ideally would be standalone machine sitting somewhere else with no or minimal access. That way we always have bot working . More over , you can always restrict the credentials of bot machines from cyberArk
And bot machine password not shared across team.

If nobody has machine password , no one will interfere.