Block User Input on Citrix App

Hi everyone,

I have a problem for an implementation. As in the title, I would like to block user input for a process running as Citrix App.

Here is my tests with Block User Input Activity (from now on BUI)

  1. I tried BUI on a local machine, and it works as I expected: the user cannot send any input neither through keybord or mouse click

  2. I tried BUI on remote desktop (NB - Studio installed on the remote desktop, not with the remote desktop exe), and it works as I expected (see case 1)

  3. I tried BUI deployed on my system: the robot is running on my laptop as Citrix app (i.e.: linked to the remote desktop). In this case neither the mouse or the keybord are anyhow blocked (they can input both on local and on remote app).

Is there a way to block user input in case 3 as per cases 1 and 2?

Thank you for your help