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Hi, I have marked the necessary field. Where I have to perform every time while checking the result. Now If you I have circled in a yellow color, where I am feeding the Number. If the candidate Pass then I will get the Red color message if you can see on the screen on the same page, and that time I am not going to the Next page If the student pass then I go to the next page and check the result.

Now my question, I want to retry the page if not successfully click or Number feeding to check the result, How can retry this page to attempt again if not successfully click or feeding number and click on submit.
I don’t think here retry scope activity will work here. Bcz everytime we’re not going to the next page, If can see the next page if student Pass if Fail then we can see the red color message on the same page. I marked in yellow color. Please help. I don’t want to put in a Catch bcz it’s not good to put in a Catch also if fail. Suppose I have retry 5 times, so can’t put All same sequecne in Catch Block. Kindly suggest

May I know how this will be done manually so that we can replicate the same with uipath activities

Cheers @balkishan

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First Logging and Loading the page, If you see this is a Home page after Login. where we check the result for login and loading I already put a condition there and it’s working fine. Here I am confused on home page. So this screenshot is Home page where we check the result. But sometime if we disturb the mouse so it’s not feeding the value or click on the button. So I want to retry the page if it’s not clicking or feeding the number like this. Hope you understand.

may i know why this happens
and if that doesnt occur is it working fine

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Yes it’s working fine bro. But if someone disturb the robo while running so it’s not attempt again. So I want to retry this page only from click Check Eligibility on Left Side and do the further steps.

I know it will retry If we put the same sequence in Catch block. But this is not a good idea. If we have to retry 5 times so we have to put the same same seq in 5 Catch Block. So can you please suggest.

Instead we can stop the mouse press if any happens
Like we can use block user input activity and choose mouse as a option so that we won’t face this issue

cheers @balkishan


Hi Thanks Palani.

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