Blank datatable output after data scrapping

I am getting a blank datatable after datascraping.
No error is thrown, but I am trying to scrape the data from linked in.
In structured ul , it has a dynamic parent id, if i give a wild card it will fail.

Any solution?

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I guess we can’t scrape data from linked in and it won’t allow us to scrape it.

No, we can scrape data from linked in.
I had done it multiple times . Generaly why do we have blank datatables after datascraping?

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Buddy @anilkumar93

Welcome to UiPath community buddy
Yes you are right…linked in can be data scrapped… this link can help you resolve this

Kindly try and let know buddy, even i have scrapped data from linkedin
This would work
Cheers… @anilkumar93