Birthady Reminder

error Assign: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

how to solve error please date conversion

Hi @nikhil.patil

Can you share the input and output format of the date


Note : Just replace the correct Date format instead dd/MM/yyyy in the expression


Hello @nikhil.patil

error Assign: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
This error is because the string value from Row(1) your trying to convert is not in the required format in which system is expecting it to be.

Use Date parsing method to specify the format of your input string

Here if your date is not in dd/MM/yyyy format then replace it with the correct format. (Ex: MM/dd/yyy)


Assign: The DateTime represented by the string is not supported in calendar System.Globalization.GregorianCalendar.

i m sending my workflow please error solving
Main.xaml (11.1 KB)


Check this xaml

Main.xaml (14.8 KB)


Hi ,

Instead of for loop , you can use the Lookup activity to check if current date is in the Datatable . If the Value is not -1 ,then you can take index of current row and send happy birthday to column(0).

Happy Automation.

@nikhil.patil - Can you share the excel file