Big table data scraping

Hi Guys,

I need your advice for method to scrap specific data and i can not use data scraping for it.
Im using get text but i dont know how to extract this specific data.
On left is a pattern.On right specific data. Can you advice something for this.

Hi @fudi5,

I hope your are scraping LP=1 field alone.

You can scrap the hole line of the LP=1 row using scraping.

After getting the value split it using Environment.Newline and tab you will get the values.


hi @arivu96,

What is it LP=1?
For now im using screen craping in native text… then im making table and each row activity… at this moment i get take whole line but i can not take the value form it coz split metod dosent work for it.


@arivu96, @PD2

Can You tell me how to extract specyfik (dynamic) information from this form:

kinia2DZIAŁ III - PRAWA, ROSZCZENIA I OGRANICZENIARubryka 3.1 - Wzmianki w dziale III - Lp.Numer i nazwa polaTreść pola1.1 A. Numer wzmiankiDZ. KW. / KR1P / 2033 / 13 / 11 B. Opis wzmianki—2. Chwila zamieszczenia2013-01-11- Chwila wykreślenia2013-05-16- Omówienie wykreślenia wzmianki—2.1 A. Numer wzmiankiDZ. KW. / KR1P / 66830 / 12 / 11 B. Opis wzmianki—2. Chwila

For example i need from this string above value at:“Numer wzmianki” which is “DZ. KW / KR1P / 2033 / 13 / 11”.