Big excel bug Read Range: There isn't a worksheet named

when i try to read a huge/big/enormous excel i’m facing an error like this:
Read Range: There isn’t a worksheet named “fake sheet name”

that sheet name does not related to my excel. If i do the excel smaller is working fine with the real sheet name no the invented by uipath errors

Have you tried increasing the timeout of the Read Range activity?

Hi Amanda, I’ve tried to reproduce this but I wasn’t able to trigger a similar error. I had a few follow up questions:

  • How large is the excel sheet you are using in this workflow (i.e. number of rows, columns, its size)?
  • Is there a sheet named “Club y Transfer” within the Excel file?
  • Are there other activities in the workflow where we are using the sheet name “Club y Transfer”?

hi! thanks for your time

  1. the excel sheet has aproximately 1.048.576 rows, 6 columns, 5,38 MB
  2. there isnt any “Club y Transfer” no sheets, no names nothing… i dont know from where is taking that name. it has some dinamycs formules maybe from there…
  3. nope. no folders, no files, no workflows…

I’ve created a sample sheet with >1 million rows but I was unable to reproduce this issue with the most recent version of the Excel activities (2.10.4), can you check which version you are using, and if it’s not the latest try updating? If it still reproduces after updating to 2.10.4, would it be possible for you to provide a sample project that reproduces this behaviour?

I’m getting different wordings on the exception than what you have. I’m using the latest versions of excel.
Which package do you have?