Better Robot Time Management

Hi Team,

We currently have 1 unattended robot dedicated to run various jobs on schedule and process queue item from a queue. The issue is when the queue gets filled once a week with 100’s of queue items, the robot will continuously working on that queue and append other scheduled jobs till everything in the queue is processed. This also means the scheduled jobs will not be processed on schedule and maybe hours to before schedule jobs gets an opportunity to run.

My current workaround is limit the number of queue item processed at one time and have a queue trigger configured to ensure when a new queue item is added it is processed as soon as possible and configure the same workflow to run on schedule to ensure the robot will continue to process the reminder queue items.

Is there a better way to manage when the robot process queue items?

Thanks in advance.


Just responding to myself. manage to find a workable solution without creating a second time schedule. :slight_smile:


Could you please share the solution or idea. I was also looking for a solution on this.

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