#BetaBlogs - Source Control Repo Browser (18.4)



In 18.3 we’ve brought a handlful of changes to TFS and SVN support.

In 18.4 we continued on the road of improvements and we’re bringing Source Control Repository Browser. This will aid to quickly select which exact project you want to open from your TFS or SVN repository, without thee hustle of remembering where it is.

With 18.3, if you wanted to check-out a project you had to know exactly the path of your project from the repository. That wasn’t good enough for us, so in 18.4 you can use the folder picker (see below - step 1) to browse your repository.

Once you click this, a browser window will open similar to the one below.

Needless to say you can use this to browse and select the project of your preference.

The same browser window will appear when you want to Add a local project to source control and share it with your buddies.

Ideas? Improvements? Let us know! Especially since more Collaboration features are on their way for 2019 :slight_smile:

Your team @ UiPath

2018.4 Community Beta Release


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