Beta UiPath 2018.2 not working



My community edition is updated to 2018.2 after that when I try to do anything in Ui Explorer, Ui path crashes.

Any pointers to check ? Below are the screenshots.

  1. Version

  2. Total application crashes and forces me to close the program
    2.a Cursor remains 'pointing hand’ and normal cursor does not appear.

UiPath Studio Crashes when Indicating an element

I remember having the same problem too with the hand cursor (mine was solid blue one) along with this below problem, but both resolved after reinstalling the Studio in my case.


Sincere thanks for the reply @whyyouandi. I will un-install and install.

But before un-install, any license key I need to back up ? ( I do not know where the key is stored)

Thanks again,


Hello @viswanarahari, sorry I have to knowledge on this since the install and uninstallation here should be done by another sub-department, may be other will be able to supplement this. Wish you luck.


Hi @whyyouandi, No worries. I un-installed and installed(with the link that came in email) it again and it started working with 2018.1.4 version.

Thanks again,


Glad to hear that.