Best way to unzip files

What is the best way to unzip files to another folder?

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Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @Mitchell_Binder

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I have seen people mention this package, but isn’t it third party? Is it safe to use this? I am trying to find a solution for my client so I don’t want to use it if it’s not necessary…Is there a way to unzip without adding a package?

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Fine here you go

But one thing is the custom activity suggested in the previous comment is safe and easy to use
You can use them

Cheers @Mitchell_Binder

Were we able to process them
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification


Check this xaml, it will extract files from a zip and place it in a directory. then from that directory it will get all the files.

UnzipFilesAndGetFiles.xaml (8.2 KB)

For community sake - another topic regarding a similar question.

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