Best way to Identify that automation is complete - Citrix, no unique identifiers, multiple independent users

I am having trouble coming up with the best solution to stop my automation. The automation is running on a software accessed via Citrix. It goes through a list of items to be worked. The items are not selected by a unique identifier (there is no unique identifier). Instead, they are selected by scrolling down to the next available item. Multiple users work in the same environment simultaneously, so doing a countdown doesn’t work.

Using the REFramework & Orchestrator to keep track of items to be worked does not work in this case because i) other users will be working simultaneously and independently and ii) there is no unique identifier for the transactions to be worked.

The way a human knows when to stop is when the bottom of the list is reached (won’t scroll any further and the last row is a blank image).



Any ideas on the best way to stop this automation?

From the screenshot you provided, one naive way is to check if the image exists image before each down button click.

Thank you for the response, vvaidya. That’s the solution that I came up with as well. I can get it to work really well when in debugging mode.

But, when I hit Run, it doesn’t seem to work consistently. Sometimes it finds the image indicating that the end has been found, and sometimes is doesn’t find it (when it’s there). I’m playing around with the accuracy setting and that definitely has an impact. But, last night I thought I had it working at 85% consistently. Then, when I tried it again this morning, it started seeing the end of the line when, in fact, it had a lot more processing to do. So, I’ve upped the accuracy to 88% now to see if that works. I’m questioning whether this will be a reliable solution.

The other thing I could do is look for a color in a specific pixel. Maybe that would be more reliable. Any other ideas?