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I am working on a bot that will take data from an excel spreadsheet and update SAP. The spreadsheet will be reviewed by humans and they will mark the rows that the bot can update. I am thinking I will just lock down the spreadsheet and add a column to it for them to indicate the ones for the bot to update. The values in that column could be ‘x’ or ’ ‘. Then I need the bot to only update SAP for the ones with the ‘x’. Two questions: is the ‘x’/’ ’ column the best way to indicate the rows to update for the bot? Also how to I get the bot to only use the rows with the x?

So far I have an excel application scope, read range with that sheet and then a for each row.

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Hello Scarlett,

I think the ‘x/’ ’ is a good idea. Easy to maintain.
You only need an if-statement which checks the content of a column(in my case this is called ‘selected’. If this column and row contains the letter A(or X in your case), you either do some operation or do nothing to this row.

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See attached workflow

You can achieve this easily by using an if to check wether the value contains “x” or " ".Main.xaml (9.7 KB)

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Hi @sdickson,
That is a good way to start :slight_smile:
So what you need is just add an If activity inside the For Each Row.
The condition is row(“ColumnName”).ToString = “x”.
If True, update :slight_smile:
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I would just change the if condition so it looks only in the column specified. So it would be row.item("[Column Name]").ToString = “x”

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Thanks for the help! This seems to be working! :slightly_smiling_face: If I don’t want to do anything with the rows without an ‘x’, do I leave the else side blank?

Thanks all of you for your help! @Smith93, @Jan_Brian_Despi, @Dave


Yes, just leave it blank :slight_smile:

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It would go even faster if you filter the datatable you are reading for the rows not containing x and then you process all the remaining rows

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