Best way to find a blank space in a PDF document?

Good day everyone,

Just wanted to find out if anyone has already found a better way or has some ideas on how to find a blank space in a document.
Essentially I want the robot to find a blank space with nothing inside that it can then click to paste an image on. These document will be PDFs and will be viewed on the chrome browser.
Right now im looking at using find image, to detect the sides of the document, then using the x and y coordinates I want to use something like OCR Text exists to see if there is any text in that region, if not then it can use that region. Otherwise it can keep looking in that within the clipping region provided.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

Hey Barry,

Interesting use case here. I think your approach could work. You could also use a find image activity to identify the blank space. Specifically, you would indicate a blank space as the image to find, then when that comes back true, you found the empty space. I used this approach to identify if a signature was present on a pdf.

Plenty of testing will be required though.

Thank you for the feedback, just wanted to have a look around and see if this has been done before before going off and trying to do it from scratch.
Kind regards,

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