Best Way to fill out reporting fields in SAP with data from Excel

Hi All,

I am working on creating a bot that will take data from an excel file which the bot will use to Type Into certain fields in SAP.

However each row of data represents different reports, which require different fields to be populated in SAP. For Example

Data Table:
Report - T Code - Start Date - End Date - Sales Organization - Sale Numbers

Report 1: ABCD - 01/26/2019 - 8/26/2019 - Blank - Blank
Report 2: EFGH - Blank - Blank - 1000 - 1111

Right now I am running a for each, which gets row items from the entire excel. I can do the Type Into’s, but if I do that, it will input the correct data to generate the first report, but the second report will be wrong.

Just looking for some ideas here, because my overall objective is to generate SAP reports given the dynamic information that is in the excel file. The report type unfortunately matters.

That is the best possible way to type the data into the fields @cambiukpytou,

Can you explain what is the error you are getting with a screenshot?

I am not getting an error, the problem is that the loop runs the same report inputs, so it has to be the same data.

For report two, i have to create a secondary loop for those specific reports. At this time I am not sure how to do that