Best way to develop offsite solution

So let’s say that I have to develop some solutions for our customer, they have some windows applications installed on their RDP machines inside their own system.

The first question is, what is the best approach to develop this solution in a sense where I have to be physically. Should they create VPN to give me access to their Remote Desktops (I’m afraid that this way would be so slow and that I would have a hard time automating things, because I’ve tested that in my own environment, and the Remote Desktop is really slow), OR should I go to their company and have direct access to their Remote Desktops where all the applications are.

The second question is, what approach should I hate when automating Remote Desktop Applications. I was thinking about using Computer Vision, but if that is not an option I can only use Picture Automation and OCR right?

Having that said, what information does the Computer Vision 2.0 send back to the UiPath server, and what kind of disclaimer am I agreeing when I try to use those activities.

Thank you all and #happyautomation

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Hi @srdjan.suc

On your first question, with my dozens of projects of experience in RPA, most of the time, development of RPA needs to go to the customer site, at least for testing.
As for your second question, after 2019.4 version of UiPath Studio, selectors can be used in automating RDP, refer to the follow.


HI @srdjan.suc

I would agree on the points mentioned by @wusiyangjia. When it comes to a RPA project, the best would be for the development to go to customer site, rather than having it separately in some other place. This will make your automation efforts easier as well. So I would check whether they have a capability of providing their system access through the network without using VPN or RDP through some secure network connection. IF that is not possible, then we will have to go with RDP as there is no other choice.

Additionally, I would suggest to use OCR and image techniques as your last resort and try out the other activities which are more capable of getting things done. As @wusiyangjia mentioned, Now Studio has the capability of automating RDP without much of a hassle with Native RDP technique. If that doesn’t help, I would then think the capability of using Computer Vision activities…


Nice, thank you btoh @Lahiru.Fernando and @wusiyangjia for answers. I will see to read further about Native RDP technology since I didn’t encounter it YET. :slight_smile:

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No worries bro… Let us know if you need any help or if anything is not clear… :slight_smile: