Best way to compare different Excel sheets / datatables against one another?

I’m working with a reframework. I’m loading up the orchestrator queue with queue items consisting of a First Name and Last Name (2 columns/objects).
In the Process Transaction part op the REF I need to grab the queue items and compare them to two Excel sheets.
In the first sheet I have to look up the name from the queue and see if it has the status ‘Review’ (if it has the status ‘Completed’ nothing has to be done).

(I put the two tables on the same Excel sheet because I can only post one screenshot)

If it has the status ‘Review’ I go to the second sheet. In the second sheet I have to:

  • look up the same name, check if the name is unique in that sheet (if it’s not unique I throw an exception)
  • check if the number starts with ‘27’
  • lastly grab the code from the sheet.

Any help or tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  1. Read Both the excels into the Data Table variables using the Read Range Activity.

  2. Get the First Name and Last Name from the queue item

  3. Filter the first data table with the First Name and Last Name from the queue

  4. Check the value of Status column from the filtered data table

  5. If It is Completed then move on to next transaciton

  6. Else If it is Review then Filter the second Data Table with the First Name and Last Name.

  7. Check the count of rows obtained after filtering.

  8. If it is more then 1, then throw the exception (not unique)

  9. If its is 1, then check for number column value and get the first two characters (Number.ToString.Trim.Substring(0,2).Equals("27"))

  10. If it is True then, get the code

Please refer the attached xaml

CompareDataTables.xaml (18.8 KB)

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