Best way to check if I have Studio or Studio Pro installed

The trial license for UiPath Studio that I was using for my work has expired, so I was sent a new license key with instructions to install Studio Pro if it had not already been installed.

The only problem is that I am not sure how to check if Studio or Studio Pro is installed.

If Studio Pro is present, then I will just need to activate the new license. However, if Studio is installed then I will need to install Studio Pro. When I open up the program version that I have installed, then it shows the sign in screen, but not which version of the two that is installed.

Thanks for your help.

I believe you can see it here:

Depends on the key that you will apply, it will go for Pro or just Studio.

I hope it helps.


By default, the .msi installed includes all 3 Studios.

Studio X
Studio Pro

It is just a matter of selecting the profile that you will use.

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Thanks, that’s a relief.

If my license has expired, do you know what steps should I take to view my settings? Normally I would be able to access them, but when I open UiPath I see the following screen:

I’m warry about entering my new license key, as I was instructed that it will bind to the machine and it’s exceeding difficult to remove if the install is done incorrectly.


If you are using the community, please login first to for you to be able to access your studio :slight_smile:

It looks as if I’m not using the community, as when I logged in, I got a message that there was no organization for my username.

Thanks for your continued help.