Best way to attach a browser?

Hi All

Whenever we attach a browser using Attach Browser activity which window should we indicate ? Is it only the inner part of the browser that is home page or the outer part of the browser that is the entire browser with the title tab ?

what do you mean when you say inner part of the browser? is it the home page which gets opened automatically when browser is opened? - If that is the case, we shouldn’t attach browser with that page.

it is better to attach browser with the browser property along with the title and other attribute which signifies the specific tab you want to work on. That way you will be taken to that specific tab you wanted.

@kkp You can select anywhere on the web page or else on the tab. The main use of Attach browser activity to get the title of the particular web page and help the bot to redirect on that page.

Thanks @Vrushali_Gave !!

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