Best vVM software to install UIPath within

Hi folks,

i would like to have your help.

i don’t know which can be the best software to virtualize UIPath ( until now, i have used a phisical machine ), surely much people in this forum could recommend the best option ( based in his experiences of course ), freeware or shareware are welcome.

All your tips and advices will be much appreciated ( all will be extremely important for me ) and let me give you thanks in advance. :wink:


Hi there,

The only recommendation here is that it needs to be persistent VDI regardless the software you use.

But if anyone has used multiple vm software, shoot your opinions here, i’m curious as well :slight_smile:

what you mean you need to be persistant with VDI?

I would think the studio should be persistant in the VDi - would what would you do with the robot and orchestra?