Best Studio Update Channel: Preview or Stable?


I am using the Community Edition of Studio to go through the Developer Advanced Learning Plan in the Academy. I believe by default the update channel is set to Preview, which is what my Studio installation is currently set to.

Since I started the Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3 course in December, I downloaded and installed version 2019.10.1 - but now it has auto updated all the way to Studio 2020.3.0-beta.84 - 3/16/2020.

I feel that perhaps the differences between the course material (apparently designed for version 2018.3) and the version of Studio I have installed may hinder me from being able to complete the course exercises properly.

  • What do you all think? Should I downgrade to the latest stable version available from the Resource Center and change the Update Channel to Stable? As of this writing, that is Version 19.10.4.


Hi @jpg90 ,It is always good to work with Stable version than the Beta one. So work with 2019.10.1.