Best Practices using Screen Scraping for old fashion windows apps

Hello There,

Can someone share best practices when it comes to “type into” or “get text” from old GUI windows app (written in NatStar C++ a look like PowerBuilder IDE).

Actually, “selectors” don’t work, so I used “Get visible text”. it work fine for simple text area but not for check boxes or radio buttons where I used a workaround “Get OCR text”. The third issue I’m facing is how can I deal with tables (for input and getting texts/values) in such context.

Maybe I’m missing something here that can be more straightforward or a better good practice than what I using as “Get OCR text” will slow down the process.

Thanks for your feedback.


Have you tried with Computer Vision activities ?

you can have a anchor base activity and get the text relative to a anchor,
Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

Indeed @lakshman I used CV activities but doesn’t work as expected for Checkbox and RadioButton. it works for simple text.

@pavanh003 I’m going to try this. But what about fields in tables where it is repetitive ?