Best practices to make multiple DB connections from multiple BOTS

In my process there are 20 BOTS. All the bots will try to connect to the same DB(MySQL) to fetch details and all the BOTS are scheduled to run at the same time.
Is it best practice to make many parallel DB connection requests from UIPath. Are there any alternate methods to make multiple connection requests from multiple BOTS.

Thanks in advance!!


From my perspective, the idea of Performer and Dispatcher Robot elaborating the Orchestrator might help.

The Performer Robot will get the data from the MySQL and upload to Orchestrator Queue. The Dispatcher Robot will get the Queue Item from Orchestrator and process the Data.

Also please take a look the UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework (REFramework) at the Advanced Developer Training.

Hi hermawan,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have idea on REFramework and can work it out the way you suggested. But i am looking for any other solution like creating a WCF service or using any custom activities. In 2019.1 version of UIpath i could see “EntityFramework” and other DB related activities. Could any of them can do my purpose.

Thanks !!