Best practices of automated tests

Hie @MGMKLML did u find any thing regarding testing in uipath even im unclear that how testing is being done for workflow bcs we can’t test with real time data
if we r about to use dummy data how come we can test extracting data from some source interface have a lot of questions like this


I am new to Testing automation usign UiPath.

Can you please guide me how to use Test framework for unit testing after every build.


I am new to UIPath but not testing or systems. It seems to me that UIPATH is ideal for testing workflows. If you test the workflow you test the functionality. So really it must be happy path testing. I think UIPATH would be good for end to end testing. Multi platform systems with many business information flows and multiple inputs and outputs. I don’t think it is meant for unit testing.

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@Robert_Hall, you couldn’t be more right on that one. Have you checked this?

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