Best practices in Data Service

What approach do you recommend to make sure Prod data (in Data Service table) are not impacted by Dev or Test data. We have one tenant and environments are separated as folders, So Data Service is common for all.

Sol : I’ve come up with 2 approaches and looking for 3rd one.

Approach #1 : create two Uipath data service entities (dev and Prod) with same schema.

Disadvantage: I’ve to change build during UAT or Prod (in case to fix defects during hypercare)

Approach #2: Add environment specific (display name) in one data service entity. Remove Dev data specific records after Post PVT.
This can handle disadvantage of approach 1 but not recommended to use Production data service entity (in case to fix defects or incident)

Share your thoughts or recommended best practices.

Hi @Sonalk, you are right that those are only two approaches to handle Dev & Prod entities in a single tenant. I agree that approach #1 is cleaner from longer term perspective.

We currently only support clean separation in Data Service using different tenants.

Thanks @ankit.saraf for sharing your inputs.

@ankit.saraf : how can I switch between two entities in reusable way (in existing build).

I’m using two separate entities (Dev and Prod).

@Sonalk - Switching between entities in the same tenant is not as straight forward, as using the same name across two different tenants (in which case you don’t have to really switch it).

To switch between different entities within the same tenant, here are my suggested steps -

  • Start with importing your Prod entities in the project
  • Change your variable types. argument types and activities to Prod entities from Dev entities. No need to rename or create new entities.
  • Deselect/remove the Dev entities from your project, and fix any errors you may have missed in Step 2.

Using two different tenants will make it trivial because you can use the same names between Dev & Prod and just switch your Studio/Robot connection to the Prod tenant. I will strongly suggest to look at it.

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