Best Practice to fill in Blanks

Hi everybody,

I find that filling in blanks by “Type Into” activity leads to errors in some cases. For example the first letter won’t be written. I now came up with a method where I simply use the “Set to Clipboard” activity to set whatever I want to fill to the clipboard and then “Send Hotkey” --> ctrl + v, to paste it in the blank.

I was wondering if there is a cleaner approach to doing this or what the ideal way is?

Thanks a lot in advance,

hi @chusikowski,

  1. If the selector is Uniquely identified - Then you Omit the Risk of typing into the wrong Box.

  2. Now while typing -

Typeinto Activity has a Property called Delay between Keys - That can be Used to eliminate the risk of skipping letters and then we have Delay Before and Delay After also …

  1. To Cater the Scenario - When the page is Not loaded and the Bot start writing - we have to use the WaitForReady

  2. To Type in background _ Simulate Type/Click



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