Best practice/suggestions to use Object repository libraries

We are currently evaluating the opportunities and consequences of using Object Repository library. We are comformtable using modern design expierence and the object repository functions and have reviewed the relevant academy courses.

We would love to hear how your team has standardized the use of Object Repository libraries within and across projects.

Some questions we are curious to know more about are:

  • What has been your positive experiences of using Object Repositories?
  • Has it added additional development processes for your Developers/Solution Designers?
  • What naming conventions have you used for Applications,Screens and Elements. For example, do you name a button a Button_Login, Input_UserName?
  • What hurdles have you met while updating elements in Object Repository and comsuming it in process?
  • How do you document / communicate which version of Object Repository library contains what kind of elements? so that developers know which ones to use in their processes. (Say version 1 has 1 Application, 2 Screens, 3 Elements and version 2 has 1 Application, 5 Screens, 13 Elements)

Thank you for your time. :vulcan_salute:


Hey @jeevith

It made our automation implementation a bit streamlined, whenever we got some new automation with the same application it was a cakewalk.

I’m not getting this point sorry ?

I can’t disclose the standards used, but we have used something similar for easy identification of the elements and all the fields filled

One big challenge for us was not to create duplicates. Like two developers unknowingly creating two objects for same element.

We had object repository as a separate library project and it was maintained on a code repo which helped

Hope this helps


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