Best practice for repeating scheduled jobs when they overlap and avoid "pending jobs for this Process" email

Im looking for suggestions on how to avoid a email from Orchestrator saying
“could not create jobs. The robots already have pending jobs for this Process”

I have a critical process that if crash should be relaunch asap by the orchestrator (scheduled is 15min).

Since this process usually takes more time to finish than the 15min, the Orchestrator send a email for the the fail to start the other runs.

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Hi @rjSampaio,
In orchestrator settings you can turn off email notifications:

Unless i can disable this specific type of email for this specific process, i dont think that its a solution we should use.

That’s why for specific emails I suggest to create some mail rules.

that is not viable to do for everyone that receive them, as it could be a real email.

what is the best/standard practice for this? other RPA schedulers have a option to only start or ignore when the job is not currently running. Theres no way around this other than blocking the email?

By rules I meant to create dedicated folder to which mails with fits to the designed template will be automatically moved as read for example.

Hi @rjSampaio - Just see if you get some help from Alerts . We can not have alert restrictions specific to a process.

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thx for the input @Pablito and @mahesh.kumar

@mahesh.kumar your solution is a litle dangerous as it would also prevent other job emails, especificaly fail/exeption terminated jobs.

i cant belive there is no other way, ignoring solutions related to hiding the email, no other ideas related to best pratice in this scenario? is virtual impossible im the only one that have a robot running 24/7 and still need a scheduled every x minutes to make sure its always running.