Best practice for handling sensitive information in the .screenshots-folder


I am working for a customer who is in the middle of scaling up their RPA business so there are a lot of potential processes with different systems in the pipeline for automation. Not all of these systems are guaranteed to have test Environments so there is a risk of sensitive information from their production Environment being captured in the .screenshots-folder. Furthermore, they want to supplement the RPA-development with cloud based version control (Azure DevOps) which makes it really important to guarantee safe handling of data.

To my understanding, there is no way of disabling these screenshots being taken so my question is this:

  1. What’s the best practice for handling sensitive data in the .screenshots-folder?
    2a. How do I make sure that these screenshots DO NOT follow along to the cloud while checking in to version Control?
    2b. Regarding my second question, I have found out that you can add a .tfignore-file to the source folder in Visual Studio which in turn causes Visual studio to ignore certain files while checking into source Control, is there a way of doing this with the native TFS integration in UiPath?


  1. The developer always have the option of not taking the screenshot OR delete them both from Studio or the disk
  2. You can put .screenshot folder excluded from version control as they are not really needed for developing
  1. Are you saying there is a way for the developer to disable them from ever being taken? I am talking about the screenshots that are taken every time a new selector is indicated. The customer wants to work with version control and having to delete the screenshots from the disk before making every commit to Azure DevOps doesn’t feel like a very robust solution…
  2. That’s great! Is there a way of doing this with the native integration to Azure DevOps in UiPath Studio? I am aware of the possibility of using a .tfignore file when working with Visual Studio but I haven’t been able to make it work in UiPath Studio