Best practice dealing with "log in if required" to website cases

Hello folks,

Apologies if this was already discussed.
I am interested in the best practices logging into a website if required.

There may be three cases (at least I see three) when opening linkedin:

  1. user will be connected from previous usage.
  2. user will not be connected, but he will be identified as user who used the system before.
  3. user will not be connected and will not be recognized (what may happen after cleaning the cache).

How to overcome all of these case?

I tried identifying objects of each window and if lets say object a exists connect using scenario 2, if not, check scenario 1 and 3. But the flow got extended.

Do you guys have any suggestions?
Thank you

the logic is good, that’s what I would do

What’s the problem ? (THAT is RPA ^^)

Well there is no problem other than complexity. Thought maybe there are better practice around it.


@decalajoraire is correct, this is the core of RPA.

As for complexity, it sounds like you’ve already broken the process down into chunks, which is a great first step. A simple flowchart can be used to check for each of your conditions and act accordingly. That whole flowchart can be it’s own “login” workflow. Then, whenever you need to log in you can call this workflow.

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