Best options for reading and sorting pdfs

we have a electronic fax system that receives several thousand faxes a day for our medical clinics.

I would like to

  1. get pdf
  2. catagorize pdf based on text of the pdf, Usually the physican it is going to
  3. send pdf to physician

1 and 3 i can do. but what would be the most efficiant way to do 2? Ill have several dozen physican names, for each physician multiple possible ways each name can be displayed, and each of the faxes could have one of over 50 different formats.

if-then seems like it probably won’t cut it.

does uipath have a case/when or other way to sort this? thanks!

Hi @Jason_Dossett

You can try the Document Understanding activities. I think the Keyword Based Classifier activity will suit great in this case.