Best method of creating key for encrypting/decrypting data

I have a few ways of creating dynamic keys, but I want to know some of the methods the community utilizes creating keys for encryption. Furthermore, which is the best (non-depreciated) encryption algorithm that is currently industry standard?

Example to use: A data column of items which need to be encrypted in order to add them to the queue to prevent passing protected information into Orchestrator.

My favorite method to creating keys is using something local to the computer which isn’t stored by the bot, but rather called on as the key directly - concatenated with other information. Each of the items in the data column should have their own unique key when encrypted. Please let me know your thoughts/solutions! Thanks

The Orchestrator database should be encrypted.

Thanks. Yes, I know, but It’s a matter of double encryption postwick.

You mean you want what you see when you’re logged into Orchestrator to be unintelligible?

Yes. It may not be logged into Orchestrator unencrypted.

Curious why you need this?

Anyway, it will be very difficult because there are many things that go into Orchestrator like Log Messages, Queue Items, Job logs.

You should check the UiPath.Cryptography.Activities

My post must be ambiguous; that is what this topic is discussing. The cryptography activity requires a key to encrypt/decrypt the data. What is the best approach for creating one that is unique?

You could generate a GUID.

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