Best approach to read many fields from excel and paste /enter on webpage

I am new to uipath and want to implement below scenario.
I want to read data from around 30 cells on excel and then want to enter those fields on webpage.
Webpage is also having equivalent 30 fields
Can you please suggest best approach for that ?

Reading each excel cell and put details using type into is the only option ?


You can take all the data into a Datatable (using Read Range Activity) and iterate through the datatable to put the values on the website (Type Into)

Use Excel application scope
Read range activity (store variable in type data table)
Use fo reach row (pass data table variable here)
Use get row item (it will give ur cell store in string variable )
Use type into activity (pass string variable here)


Got the read range part but do I need 30 "Type into " activities ?

@Shashii No in one type into activity just pass variable it will iterate

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if possible please share the example

@Shashii Can you share webpage you are trying to automate

for simplicity we can consider as its having only two fields.
Thanks for the time

@Shashii its not working for me attached zip file is for googe sign up page values are retrieved from excel and entered into sign up page check it (24.4 KB)

Thanks Indra… but for 5 fields you used 5 Type into activities

So if on same webpage… In case there are 30 fields… do we require same number of type into activities ?
Is there any way by using which just one type into for all the 5 fields ?

@Shashii Yes If there are 30 fields in excel and 30 text box in web page than you need 30 type into actvity

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Hi @Shashii,

Just got some idea on reducing the number of Type Into activities and wanted to share here.

If all the fields are in same web-page, instead of using 30 type into activities try using hotkeys(tab, enter,…)
row(0).ToString+ "[k(tab)]" +row(1).ToString+ "[k(tab)]"

Saranya K R



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@Indra: I am using open office and getting following error. Can you help me with this.

@indra: Got the solution working further